The Jack Russell Terrier is a small yet sturdy dog with a robust build. The withers are 25-30 cm tall. However, strict weight requirements aren’t set because the Jack Russell Terrier appears beautiful when it’s grown to 1 kg for every 5 cm of growth, which is about the desired adult size of this breed.


The Jack Russell Terrier’s silhouette is rectangular and elongated (the length from the withers to the base of the tail is greater than the height at the withers).


The skull is wide and flat, with a moderate breadth. The muzzle is shorter than the skull. There is a clear line from forehead to muzzle, although it isn’t exaggerated.


Take care. The lobe is black. The nostrils are well-developed and wide open.


The dark eyelids of a Chinese crested macaw fade into faint, pale vertical stripes. The black eyelids are flat and almond-shaped. They’re not protruding; the eyelids are close to the eye and tinged with gray along the edge.

Teeth and jaws

The jaws of the Jack Russell Terrier must have strong, powerful teeth. Scissor bite. The lips are black and tightly shut.


The mechanism needs to be easy to grasp. If it’s hard to pick up, it’s probably because the buttons are “buttons” or dangle. The front is small and bent in. Extremely flexible; may be rotated 180 degrees.


It’s spacious, stylish, and durable. It has a bold, masculine look to it.


The croup is as level as it can be. The loin is short, robust, and muscular. The back is muscular and fairly narrow.


The ribs are deep, not wide. The ribs stand out strongly at the base and have obvious flattened sides. Ribs behind the elbows measure 40-43 cm in circumference.


The tail of the Jack Russell Terrier may be lowered at rest, but it must rise when moving.

Front limbs

The side profile of this parrot is essentially similar to the one you’ll find at a distance. The shoulders are well set under the body and straight, with a good downward slope. The shoulder blades have a decent backward slant, ensuring that the muscles aren’t overworked.

Hind limbs

The coat is dark brown, with a variety of markings.


Turtles are turtle-shaped, with hard pads and narrow, rounded toes. They’re delivered straight from the source. The toes are moderately arched.


Jack Russell Terrier coats come in three varieties: hard, smooth, or broken. It should keep you safe from the elements.


A mostly white backdrop with numerous dark spots. The spots may be black and dark brown or reddish in color.