If you’re searching for a small-to-medium household dog, a Jack Russell Terrier is an excellent choice. They are naturally clever, self-reliant, and seek to take charge. If you feel that you aren’t coping with the personality of a new family member, see a cynologist as soon as possible.

It is crucial for a puppy’s development that he be socialized from an early age. It is also important to socialize the puppy so that he may coexist peacefully with family members (particularly children and the elderly), other pets, and visitors and passers-by during walks in the future.

The most common issues with Jack Russell Terrier behavior are obstinacy, loud barking, property damage, loneliness anxiety, and digging and chasing tiny animals. All of them may be improved with the owner’s attention. Only if a dog does not encounter resistance or believes it is the only method to get the owner’s attention will he exhibit his worst characteristics.

The breed lends itself well to training, the main thing in the process is to be patient, not to forget about the reward and not to raise your voice. Establishing the authority of the owner is extremely important, but it can and should be achieved with calm firmness. Your pet should respect and listen to you, not be afraid.