Despite their small size, keeping Jack Russell terriers in a city flat is fraught with difficulties. Dogs are too energetic to walk for a quarter of an hour each morning and evening to fulfill their exercise needs. They will squander extra energy on destructive pranks if they do not get adequate training.

Because of this, the property of the owners may be harmed. It’s important to note that this is not an act of revenge or deliberate sabotage on the part of the Jack Russell Terrier; rather, it’s simply a desire to keep oneself occupied while the owner is away for a few hours. So, before leaving for a few hours, you’ll need to make time for a long and meaningful walk.

It’s critical for your pet to understand that he has his own space in the house from a young age. Choose a spot that is free of drafts and not too close on the heat sources. Purchase a natural mattress that can endure the assaults of strong teeth without tearing. Keep toys accessible so the Jack Russell Terrier may chew them with ease upon waking up.

Grooming will not be difficult, but this breed sheds all year long if kept solely at home. Wire-haired terriers need special instruments to trim their hair, whereas the rest of the breed can be combed normally. Bathing should not be performed too frequently due on to the fact that it damages the pet’s natural protective layer and skin.

Occasionally, a dental professional may recommend twice-a-week brushing with a special toothpaste. Check and clean your ears once a month.

The Jack Russell Terrier’s nutritional needs are typical. Premium or super premium dog food, or balanced natural food is required. The proportion of meat (beef, veal, boiled poultry and offal) to vegetable components should be 2: 1 in the latter case.