The Jack Russell Terrier is a tiny dog with an endless amount of energy. She has a strong character and personality, and you will be unable to overlook it while training. This breed is clever and active, always on the go looking for “adventures.” As a result, the Jack Russell Terrier necessitates clear and consistent effort from both you and your trainer.

Improper training, whether in the first months or years, might “go sideways” in the future. Many pet owners are unaware that such a small and delicate animal can have a difficult and vexing personality. As a result, proper education and instruction are critical for your mental well-being as well as your pet’s good life.

If you own a pug, taking lessons from a dog trainer is definitely beneficial. You may get a basic course of training and obedience by going to group sessions or having individual lessons. However, you won’t be able to avoid working with the dog unless you take additional courses. Remember that besides having a professional handler, the dog must be trained by the owner. And in order to do so, you’ll need to establish communication and interaction with him.

If a Jack Russell Terrier puppy has recently joined your household, you must take immediate action to raise it and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Train your dog to rest in the designated area. It may be a booth or a couch. You won’t be able to force the dog to return to its place later if you don’t do this right away. Sleep in your bed, especially with married couples, because the Jack Russell Terrier will not be satisfied with sitting at his feet. To get as much attention as possible, he will shamelessly wedge himself between sleeping spouses;
  • Be firm and consistent in your expectations. Even if you believe it hurts your dog, learn to say no. Don’t allow your puppy’s emotions deceive you. He must know exactly what he is not permitted to do, and simply telling him will be enough. Otherwise, the dog will seek out whatever you want and begin to disobey;
  • Give your pet adequate time to mingle with others. It’s critical for this breed to be part of society and learn how to act appropriately. Don’t let your dog lord over other dogs. A poorly socialized Jack Russell Terrier will bark at other dogs, even if they are much larger, demonstrating dominance. If the dogs appear well-mannered, that’s fine. Otherwise, your dog may “run into” a response, which will result in a fight;
  • Don’t let your dog jump on the furniture. Otherwise, in addition to the sofa, the Jack Russell Terrier will choose other unexpected locations. You might find your pet sleeping on the dining table when you get home from work; don’t be shocked.
  • Do not put your dog in the front seat of a vehicle. Back-mounted equipment are available for these purposes. The dog will be comfy and secure in them. If the terrier becomes accustomed to sitting near you, he may start climbing on his hands while the car is moving and want to actively assist you in driving it;
  • It’s not a good idea to give your dog table scraps. If you succumb to this alluring invitation look, your life will never be the same again. If Jack Russell Terrier sees that you are eating anything, he will not back down. He won’t just beg; rather, he’ll persistently demand. Nipping, barking, leaping, and claws may all be used as methods of persuasion. Make everyone aware of this restriction so they may leave and let you stay home with “the eternal beggar” who is always begging;
  • Create great connections. You should not be the Jack Russell Terrier’s only friend; you should be its owner and leader. In order to do this, you must be patient, consistent, firm but not harsh in any way. Never shout at or hit your dog. she will become aggressive or scared, but shouting at her will not help you achieve obedience;
  • Give your dog the necessary physical activity. This breed needs long walks, learns tricks with pleasure and can run on the grass for hours. If you close the dog in the apartment for the whole day and walk with him for half an hour, you will learn what the destructive energy of the Jack Russell Terrier is. He will definitely start throwing it out onto the surrounding objects. And this is a torn sofa and wallpaper, dug out flowers from pots, chewed shoes.

Jack Russell Terrier is not suitable for novice owners. They quickly “bite” the inexperienced beginner and become leaders. These dogs are smart, cunning and independent. If you realize even for a split second that you cannot cope with raising a dog on your own, then immediately contact a specialist.

The most common problems faced by the owners of this breed are their stubborn nature, as well as loud barking and damage to property. Jack Russell Terriers may feel anxious from loneliness and begin to comfort themselves by chewing on your belongings or digging. 

Moreover, it does not have to be a hole in the ground. In an apartment, a Jack Russell Terrier can “dig” her up in an armchair or couch. Most of the representatives of this breed are not indifferent to small animals and pursue them. You can get rid of all these problems if you raise the dog correctly. The dog shows its negative qualities only when it does not know the boundaries of what is permitted or is simply trying to attract the attention of its owner.

Jack Russell Terrier lends itself well to training, as it loves to interact with the owner. These dogs are savvy and learn quickly. During training, use treats to reinforce the correct actions of your four-legged pet. This will be an additional incentive for successful studies.


If you are able to put in the effort, a Jack Russell Terrier can be a great pet. He is loyal, loving, and intelligent. However, he does have some stubbornness and energy that require proper training and direction from his owner. With the right approach, this breed can make an excellent addition to any family. Thank you for reading!

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